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Youtube downloader advance

This is a python program based on the youtube-dl and ffmpeg-python libraries with a Tkinter UI. It can download any video supported by youtube-dl and then converts it to mp3. Timestamps for intro and outro can be supplied in either MM:SS or plain seconds format. Those will then be cut from the audio. If you have audacity installed, you also can use the "open in audacity"-option to open the mp3-file in audacity after download for manual cutting.
It also supports syncing to a server via the SCP Module. Additionally, you can (and have to) make sync-profiles, where server address, user and music directory on the server are stored. Passwords still have to be entered manually for more security.
To run the program, you will need above mentioned packages and your favourite python3 version, then just start main.py
Please keep in mind that this is still in development and might crash if you don't supply valid input.